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CAST: Cameron Mathews, Rico Dinero,


RELEASE DATE: 2/6/2014

Cameron Matthews was born to be a teacher. But not at your typical school. In Ring Rookies 1 he showed Bobby Blake that corporal punishment is vital to the curriculum at the Can-Am School of Hard Knocks. Now a smooth, toned, tanned and young buck named Rico Dinero has come for a lesson. Little does he know what Bobby learned: the smiling and handsome Cameron Matthews turns into a sadistic coach, drill sergeant and submission master when given charge of a young man’s wrestling education. On the surface, Rico looks like he should be able to handle himself against Cameron. Athletically built, nice muscles, quick on his feet, perfectly fitting into his tight red trunks and black boots. His handsome face might seem a mask for a tiger underneath. But as we all know, it’s the lion- not the tiger- that is the king of the jungle. Our lion in today’s match is the young-but-veteran Cameron Matthews. He has literally travelled the world learning his way around the ring, and has been both in and applied every hold ever invented, executed every move ever done, and sweated and bled on mats and in rings throughout the indy wrestling world, and faced many of the young studs at Can-Am. Looking clean but mean in his tight blue trunks and white boots, he is determined to make Rico suffer. At the very start, Cameron is stretching in the ring, already looking to punish his student for being late. When Rico does show, Cameron begins by making him do pushups, and then more, and then more still. Cameron is agitated, and he needs a release. A camel clutch. An Indian deathlock converted into a sharpshooter. A long held figure-four, with Cameron demanding “Let me see your face!” As if it’s not bad enough to be tortured, the fucker wants to see the pain on his victim! Rico can only respond with groans, occasionally pairing them with words like “Shit! Owwww! Dammit!” If this were a real school, this is where there might be a recess. But, unfortunately, Rico seems to have gotten detention. Body slams lead into mat work, with Cameron attempting to prove the hard way that Rico is double jointed. He is bent in every conceivable way. The pain continues for the battered body of Rico. An array of scissors, chokes, crabs, an inverted cloverleaf and incredibly humiliating facial manipulation of a prone man. There is now also some doubt as to whether Rico will be able to father his own children. All this comes as Cameron keeps egging on his victim to submit, to beg for mercy, to admit he doesn’t have what it takes. But victory by submission is irrelevant anyway; Cameron is out to torture and teach, and no crying “uncle” is going to stop him. Rico is subsequently bent around the ropes and turnbuckles, prone to being stretched, pulled, stomped and punched square in the balls. Each time he lets out another moan or crying “shiiiit!”. Doesn’t he know swearing in front of the teacher only gets more punishment? A smothering sleeper ends the grappling lesson for poor Rico today. Welcome to the ring, dude. Now that you’ve proven you can take it, let’s hope next time you can dish it, too. Time to find the next victim, Cam.

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