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CAST: Trenton Comeaux, Max Grand, Brody Holt, J.T Easton,


RELEASE DATE: 7/14/2003

Since nothing fits a muscular body tighter than rubber, it`s not surprising that second-skin rubber wrestling gear has become so popular. RUBBER RUMBLE / Match One features Trenton Comeaux vs. Max Grand in purple and gunmetal rubber singlets that get stretched, snapped, wedgied, ripped, and finally stripped off two of the hottest bodies in the biz. Trenton Comeaux and Max Grand`s crotch eating, ass slapping, tit chewing, ball bashing, cock sucking RUBBER RUMBLE ends up in a bare assed, double cum shot meat beater that will s-t-r-e-t-c-h your will power. RUBBER RUMBLE / Match Two features Brody Holt vs. J.T. Easton in blue and gunmetal rubber short shorts. Brody Holt is a 24 year old San Francisco power lifter matched against J.T. Easton`s chiseled musculature in a test-of-strength contest fought in both rubber shorts (1st fall) and jockstraps (2nd fall). J.T.`s leg-split / ball crusher submission hold on Brody ends up with J.T. straddling his beefcake boy and unloading a gusher shot all over Brody`s chest. RUBBER RUMBLE delivers bodybuilders-in-rubber action splattered with erota-wrestling cumshots.

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