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CAST: Ben Nickolas, Dimitry Vasily, Andy Flyer, Gymboy,


RELEASE DATE: 12/7/2004

Filmed in Amsterdam, RUSSIAN SEX SLAM is the newest opportunity to reaquaint your dicks with our favorite Russian hot bod Dimitry Vasili, and Andy Flyer....both of which you jacked off to in AMSTERDAM WRESTLE INN. A little background on Andy Flyer. Andy is a London pro wrestler that's done video work on our east coast...but never bare assed. That wasn't good enough for Boss Sexton's customers, so RUSSIAN SEX SLAM is the first video that treats Andy Flyer's fans to his full monty. Edited into three lose plot matches...(1) Dimitry's personal trainer treats him to some bikini thong gear changes which evolves into mutual body worship and sensual wrestling. Dimitry receives extra training by getting his perfect ass fucked in three positions before a duo jack-off. (2) A pizza delivery boy takes his time enjoying Dimitry's body and ties him up for additional body worship, cock sucking, dildo work, and another double jack-off. (3) A nude oiled 3-way with lots of slow, provocative, sex play wrestling. Now don't get ahead of yourselves, because here is where Andy Flyer delivers his first state-side money...or should we call it...MONTY shot. RUSSIAN SEX SLAM's Dimitry Vasily, Andy Flyer, Gym Boy, and Ben Nickolas collectively deliver butt fucking, cock sucking, body worship, dildo work, sensuous sex play, and five cum shots.

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