Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Adrianno Marquez, Anthony Gallo,


RELEASE DATE: 10/12/2004

If you've jacked off to world class muscle god Adriano Marquez in videos from Kristen Bjorn or Titan and wanted more (Marquez makes very few videos)...SEX CONQUEST delivers in-your-dreams Adriano beat up, rip-stripped, tied up, worked over, pex/abs/and butt punched, forced to suck cock, rim-a-hole, and get his ass plowed three separate times in the same video by uncut cock king Anthony Gallo. After the second fuck, insatiable Anthony takes insatiable Adriano to his dungeon, split-spreads his leather muscle whore in a sling and roto-holes Adriano's now screaming-for-mercy ass hole....AGAIN! Watching Gallo brute fuck Adriano's battered bubble butt for the third time will bring tears of satisfaction to your eyes, and gushers of cum from your cock. Gallo fucks Marquez for $39 bucks. It doesn't get better!

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