Sexy Mat Fight 2

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Nathan Cortijo, Mason Black

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 3/6/2017

Visionary director Jobe Zander brings together two of our sexiest wrestlers for what promises to be one hell of a fight. Nathan Cortijo has made a name for himself with a body so purely muscular, hairy, glowing, and strong, which he pairs with a wicked sense of pride. Cortijo is an athlete first and foremost, and he is offended by anybody who challenges his prowess as a fighter.

Mason Black is a cute guy with incredible speed and strength. He just wants to wrestle. Stand back, it’s the angry bull against the confident kid. Cortijo rips Black apart with sheer force, using that powerful core to maneuver, mash, and muscle his opponent into one painful position after another.

With arms wrenched behind his back, Black can’t even find the words to beg for release. Soon Cortijo is yanking him upward with almost impossible strength, stretching Black’s core to the limit in ways that will only hurt more the following day.

Now comes that signature sweat, beautifully glossing Cortijo’s frame in ways that only further emphasize his masculine perfection. Who among you wouldn’t gladly trade places with Black, just for a moment, to feel those hairy, sweaty thighs cutting circulation off from your arms, as the superior man gropes your balls and shaft with passionate dominance.

Cortijo rides Black like a pony, straddling his chest and abusing his balls and pecs all at once. Black can only weakly grab Cortijo’s flawless ass, which enrages the bull more. Soon Black is practically eating a roaring Cortijo’s armpit, ass, and balls in a humping, smothering, snarling series of dizzying punishments and delights.

Mason Black finds his moment at last, climbing aboard the Cortijo train with balls and shaft flossing that barely-spandex covered ass, kissing his face, and demanding to know how HE likes it. But how long will Black’s top position last against the raging bull?

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