BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 4/19/2011

STARRING: DINO PHILLIPS AND TONY WESTDino’s local ad, looking for candidates to be spanked by a Porn Star, continues to bear fruit, so to speak. This time Tony West shows up for his Sexy Spanking. Tony is interesting. He loves pain, but he also loves loving. This shows up in how Dino treats him. The spanking is tough. You can see Tony wince throughout the video, but at the same time when he receives “loving” he enjoys it. BG thinks he enjoys both the pain and the eroticism. It’s a fine line between them when you are a masochist. Tony loves to have his ass played with or abused, whatever. He has to sit on Dino’s hard cock in order to cum. Dino cums a gusher at the end of the video.

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