Close-Up Men

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CAST: Tom of Hamburg (aka Tom Karach), Wolf Herman, Helmut Ruedeger, Skid Acid, Tommy Stark, Klaus Berger

DIRECTOR: Steve Johnson

RELEASE DATE: 11/11/1996

Shot in Hamburg, Germany, this is a fucked-up epic of foreskin, big dicks, dildo action on motorcyles, toilet bondage, spit, chains, whips, suspension, ass-kicking, boot licking... all the elements of real leather. Be warned: this is not playtime or make-believe.

Well, for once a box covers tells the truth: this is real, animalistic, nasty pig, kinky, and very rough sex action. The sequence in which one of the slaves, having just been bound to a urinal (and then used as one) is hoisted upside down by a hydraulic lift, beaten senseless and then fucked like a dog is incredibly disturbing... and incredibly hot. This film is not for novices.

The scene with a slave riding a dildo on a motorcycle seat also sticks in my memory... and a lot of other places, too. You'll get quite sticky yourself, if you're so inclined.

However, along with it's equally twisted and hard-on inducing companion, the much rougher Slave Workshop L.A., viewers should get quite a workout... and plenty of ideas, too!

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