Soldiers Of Misfortune DVD

Zeus Studios

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CAST: bryce pierce, Cullen Cable, derek dasilva, Tony Buff

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 11/5/2007

Earlier heavier BDSM content Zeus videos were BRUTE FORCE, and BRUTE FORCE 2 - EXPECT NO MERCY. Continuing in this hard core muscle bondage series is BRUTE FORCE 3 - SOLDIERS OF MISFORTUNE. Shot at "Correctional Camp Breakpoint" on the back lot of Palm Springs men's resort Helios, S.O.M. raises the bar of tough, real BDSM muscle action never before seen in gay studio videos. Starring Zeus veteran muscle stud Bryce Pierce; Chicago muscleboy power bottom Derek Da Silva; Palm Springs killer hot muscleboy Cullen Cable; and sensational Seattle muscle top Tony Buff; these four REAL men fuck, suck, and beat each other beyond your imagination in SOLDIERS OF MISFORTUNE. Disciplinary Captain Chuck Klaw (Bryce Pierce) and Captain Max Payne (Tony Buff) capture AWOL recruit grunts Buster Tuff (Derek Da Silva) and his buddy-on-the-run Brady Justice (Cullen Cable). Bound and hooded, muscle captives Tuff and Justice are jeeped back to Correctional Camp Breakpoint for incarceration and punishment. Multiple strict bondage positions, gut punching, chest pounding, cock and ball bashing, flogging, hot wax, and brutally hard core fucking are suffered heroically by captives Tuff and Justice. Add five separate bonus features to the SOLDIER OF MISFORTUNE DVD feature, and you've got almost two hours of heavy, hot, and hard BDSM muscle action. Order up! You won't be disappointed.

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