BG Wrestling

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CAST: Buddy Justice, Steve Sterling, Les Stine


RELEASE DATE: 11/12/2007


In all of the BG Wrestling matches that have been produced over the years, there is no one who is more cut-up and who has more defined muscle than Steve Sterling. His enduring popularity, his wrestling knowledge, and his growth from the small 18 year old in his first Muscle Showcase through to this bout, have all combined to make Sterling very unique. The way his body flexes in wrestling holds has BG’s fans cuming around the world again and again and cuming back for more. As this video match opens, Steve is posing before a mirror in the Arena, in a clinging pair of soft cotton workout tights. He flexes his muscles from all angles. Buddy Justice enters the door in his street clothes. Apparently there had been some pre-arrangement to wrestle. As they head for the locker room to dress down, Buddy is shoved into the locker room entrance door thereby setting the stage for some “heat”. After getting ready for the ring match Buddy tells Steve to get into the ring. As Sterling does so Buddy lays a sneak punch and ties his neck up in the twisted ring ropes. Steve is trapped and Buddy pounds on him like a slab of beef. He is now softened up for the Squash, and Squash Buddy does. Except for one short comeback, which lays Buddy out for a few minutes, this long bout is a total squash on Sterling from start to finish. You’ll see Steve Sterling’s fabulous muscularity suffer in every kind of hold imaginable as Buddy Justice whose strength amazes BG, even lifts him off the mat for some humiliating moves. Sterling, who has been thrashed and trashed, is totally helpless to resist as he is paraded and humiliated in the ring time and again. If you are into surfboards, deliberate body slams, scissors, boston crabs, hammers, leglocks, cannon balls, crotch-splits, clotheslines, side headlocks and shoulder backbreakers, they are all here. Specially notable is Buddy’s toe torture, foot in asscrack surfboard, hangman, pec grabs, chokes, foreign object choke hold and of course tying up Steve in the ropes, once with Steve’s two arms trapped and once with Steve’s neck literally tied to a ring corner. The bout ends in a long slow sleeper, which puts Steve Sterling into bye-bye land. Non-nude.

In this matchup Les Stine had two mindsets going at the same time. What is it about Buddy Justice that makes opponents want to be dominated and controlled? Les is one of them. Yet at the same time he wanted to be competitive. Buddy’s mind was set on one thing: Squash, Squash, Squash. Les’s indecision leads of course to a Squash Job. Les enters the ring in tight Levi’s, Buddy in red speedos. First it’s Les’s Levis that are stripped, then his jockstrap after that garment is used and abused. The Levis stay on for quite a while during the initial wrestling, and Buddy uses them to please you. He brings the Levis down exposing Les’s ass for a flash, spanking that ass, prior to stripping Stine. Buddy strips Stine of his Levis while Les is in a body slam. When Buddy removes Les’s t-shirt, he ties it around his head, impairing Stine’s ability to wrestle. When Les is down to his jock, a good deal of attention is paid to his jockstrapped ass, his cock and balls. The jockstrap is wrapped around Les’s balls and pulled and stretched. His ass is spanked and slapped many times. The jock is tied around Les’s face during a time when Buddy has his crotch forced into that same face. All of this activity is during various wrestling holds. Les is forced on to his stomach. Buddy double hammers him, spreads his legs, plays with his cock and balls from the rear, spanks him some more, then surfboards him. Les’s hands are then tied up by the jockstrap, and he’s forced back into the ring ropes. Buddy trashes him some more. Eventually Buddy’s aggression has taken it’s toll and by the end of the bout Les is submitting when Buddy wants him to. At this point Buddy knows what Les needs. He gets some oil, spinkling it liberally over Les in strategic areas, and then lets him do his “thing” with some specific assistance from Buddy. Buddy isn’t a total meanie, is he? He always knows when his wrestling “toys” need some relief release. Those that are willing, of course! Nudity, J/O.

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