BG Wrestling

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CAST: Nick Steel,AlexWilcox,HansEbson,ChipNoll,Tony Ganz,Javier Fuerte,RenAdams,Haven Phillips,Rod Stetson


RELEASE DATE: 7/31/2016

This video was made in the year 2000; a joint project by Seth Black and BG Enterprise. Seth wrote, produced and directed; BG Enterprise was the Executive Producer and arranged sales.
The story: Nick Steel’s character, Ty, arranges for his best friends to have a sort of “reunion” at a gay Palm Springs Resort including his ex-lover Cade, played by Alex Wilcox. The actors shown in these pictures recreated the adventures, which happened to the characters over the weekend at Palm Springs. There are several scenes, which include much fucking and sucking and jackoff. There are four main scenes as described below, plus some surprises and extras along the way, EVEN A WRESTLING MATCH BETWEEN REN ADAMS AND HAVEN PHILLIPS.
Ty’s friends gathering at the gay resort. Ty meeting his friends. Ty calling Tony Ganz wondering why he wasn’t attending the gathering. After Tony hangs up, we find out why. He’s enjoying sex with his partner, Javier Fuerte. Cocksucking, Fucking. Jackoff.
Ty getting together with his military friend. Cocksucking. Jackoff.
Interactive sex between two other of Ty’s friends: Chip Noll and Hans Ebson. Cocksucking, fucking, jackoff.
Ty and Cade getting together in one of the resort’s rooms. Cocksucking. Fucking. Jackoff.

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