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CAST: Leonardo, Joseph, Mikail, Gregory Merchant,


RELEASE DATE: 4/13/2005

Boss Sexton's Super Matches are best sellers for lots of reasons, but the most obvious reasons are the super bodies he books for them. While many of the Super Matches pit bigger, older bodybuilders against each other. By popular request, Super Matches 23 and 24 feature younger hot bodies that beat the shit out of each other just like the big boys do.

SUPER MATCH 23 - LEONARDO VS JOSEPH Both in their early 20's. Both blondes with similar muscularity, California surfer-looking Leonardo and Joseph look like they could be brothers. With the action as fast as it is, about the only way you can tell them apart is by the color of their trunks. Leonardo wears yellow briefs and has a nipple ring. Joseph wears blue trunks and sports a tribal-like right arm tattoo. At first, Joseph is the most aggressive, goes for Leo's balls first, and wins the first fall with a Boston crab. Pissed and pumped, Leo surprises Joseph with a second fall win using a front smother crab. In no-holds-barred fall three, the trunks get ripped off, and cocks and balls are mutual targets. Bad boy Joseph wins and drags groggy Leo to the oil pit. Trying not to enjoy themselves, they oil each other up and down thoroughly, then treat you to a prolonged slippery, sexy, sensual free-for-all oil orgy. At this point it doesn't matter who wins, because you're the winner watching both of these beautiful manboys pump off huge gushers. SUPER MATCH 24 - MIKAIL VS GREGORY MARCHANT Things get started as you get to watch killer hot body Mikail soap up every gorgeous muscle of his body. What an ass this boyman has. Even his opponent Gregory Marchant can't resist watching. Once in the ring, Mikail, wearing very small white briefs and chrome arm bands, comes on strong as the aggressor. Wearing fire engine red trunks, Greg looses the first fall to Mikail's bulldozer attack. But a big surprise awaits our blond hot body. Not only does Greg win the second fall, but when dazed Mikail comes to, he finds himself tightly bound, by wrists and ankles, then stretched out and tied to two corner ring posts. And his endless punishment begins. Pissed, struggling, ranting, and helpless Mikail gets his beautiful tightly stretched body pounded, punched, stomped, beaten, and clobbered. Greg pulls Mikail's briefs down and spanks his perfect sweaty ass. It's all just too good. Totally worn down, Greg releases Mikail and drags him to the oil pit... but not for just another oil match. In BLACKLIGHT... the boys cover each other in reflective goo and put on an eye boggling, surreal sideshow rematch that literally glows in the dark. Almost impossible to tell one from the other, their white thongs get peeled off, and their cocks are goo-greased for a duo jack off finale that clearly puts SUPER MATCH 24 in a visual category of its own. You want more? You got it. The boys then shower together... much friendlier than the first shower scene. Woof! You'll thank Boss Sexton for this one.

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