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CAST: Cody Brandon, Doug Brandon,


RELEASE DATE: 5/7/2009

Well, Gentlemen, thanks to you Can-Am`s SUPERMATCHES have been enormously popular. One of the many reasons for the SUPERMATCHES popularity is in-house sadist Doug Brandon and the merciless, diabolical way he destroys his opponents. From customer match requests, we`ve pitted some of Can-Am`s hottest bodies against Doug Brandon with punishingly popular results. In SUPERMATCH #3 "SADIST AND THE MUSCLEBOY," Mr. Brandon bashed, bruised, and bound 21 year old muscleboy Tony Valor for your prurient pleasure. In SUPERMATCH #4 "TAGTEAM TERROR," Mr. Brandon and his little brother Cody brutalized musclestuds Flex and Tony for your prurient pleasure. But in the Brandon Brothers` corner trouble was brewing... personal egos and tempers flared... and the badboys could agree on only one thing... there was room for only one Brandon on the Can-Am roster.
The Brandon Brothers asked Can-Am boss Ron Sexton if they could battle it out in both the pro and oil rings with no holds barred and bondage to see which brother stayed... and which brother went. They asked for it, and you got it. SUPERMATCH #5 "BATTLING BROTHERS" escalates sibling rivalry to brotherly brutality. Brother Doug (in yellow trunks) and Brother Cody (in silver trunks) dirty-wrestle each other in and out of prolonged punishment holds. Initially Cody surprises Doug with his youthful aggressiveness and gets Doug stretch-spread and tied-up for some unbelievable abuse in round one. Then it`s knot-for-knot and blow-for-blow payback time for bare-assed Cody all tied up in round two suffering Doug`s painfully tight cock and ball bondage. Both brothers are bare assed for big brother Doug`s ultimate and predictable win in round three. To make sure he learns older brother respect for Doug, Cody is carried to the oil ring for lengthy and sadistic additional punishment. Can-Am`s SUPERMATCH #5 delivers the "BATTLING (Brandon) BROTHERS" against each other in a free-for-all, loser-leaves-Can-Am pro rodeo oil match that promises all new erota-wrestling button pushers for every pro wrestling fantasy you`ve got. Brotherly brutality doesn`t get hotter, harder, sweatier, or sexier than in "BATTLING BROTHERS." Complete your SUPERMATCH collection and watch the Brandon Brothers beat the shit out of each other... for your prurient pleasure.

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