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CAST: Jimmy Dean, Skip Roberts,


RELEASE DATE: 5/20/2009

Jimmy Dean has long been known to Can-Am fans as one of the nastiest wrestlers to ever enter the ring. Lean and defined, he has managed to take down some pretty muscular opponents with his fast and mean moves. So Boss Sexton called the Toronto studio and ordered up a match with tough strongman Skip Roberts to see how these fan-favorites would fare. And he was very pleased to get this non-stop action match with some of the most brutal and fierce fighting on tape. Not wasting any time, Dean surprises Roberts right at the start of round one and gives him a beating. But once he finds his rhythm, Roberts has got Dean airborne and is throwing him around the ring like a sack of potatoes. With a brutal back breaking drop, Dean is in pain, but that just sets him off as he stomps Roberts` chest, neck and arms for revenge, before putting him a submission choke hold to end the round. The next two rounds feature Roberts putting Dean in multiple airborne back breakers and even a helicopter; Dean and Roberts each subjecting the other to relentless forearm and fist punches to the chest, sides, arms and legs; Dean doing his signature stomps; and Dean tying Roberts up in the ropes for more brutality. But it would be a shame to give it all away here. Just be assured that the two are ready for anything by the time they get to the oil pit. Will Dean be fast enough and mean enough to quell the muscular Roberts? Or will Roberts prove just as mean and just too strong for Dean to dominate? Watch and find out. No matter the outcome, you will not be disappointed by the action in this one!

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