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CAST: Mark Wolff, Bobby Hopkins,


RELEASE DATE: 5/7/2010

Bobby Hopkins has been absent from your video screens for some time now. Boss Sexton felt your pain. So for depriving us the pleasure of his hunkyness for so long, he thought Bobby should feel some pain, too! And who better to inflict that pain than the marvelous Mark Wolff? In Supermatch Eight you are treated to a five round marathon of pain, domination and submission. Wolff`s unbelievable physique has chased many a worthy opponent out of the ring. But Hopkins is tough and sets the pace early with his superior agility. Going directly for Wolff`s balls, this match becomes a nutcracker special. If you like to see tortured balls, you`ll be delighted from beginning to end with low blows, knuckle crunchers, knee jabs, head butts and kicks. There`s even a test of wills when they simultaneously crush each other`s nuts. Plus there`s so much more: surfboards, leg vices, bear hugs, speedo whips, body drops, clotheslines, arm bars, arm stretchers, full nelsons, leg breakers, choke holds and sleepers. And just when you think one has it all wrapped up - surprise! - the other one comes back for even more punishment. We won`t give it away here, except to say don`t count anyone out until you see them forced to jerk off and cum for the other`s twisted pleasure!

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