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CAST: Doug Brandon, Brody,


RELEASE DATE: 10/2/2009

Boss Sexton told innocent newbie Brody he`d have to audition with Can-Am`s resident bad-boy, Dirty Doug Brandon. And the poor boy accepted the challenge. Watch for Brody`s horror and disbelief early in the match at what Dirty Doug is doing to him! In total control from round one, he wastes no time by picking Brody up and dropping him on his knee. When he plants his knee on Brody`s neck and pulls his arm up and back, you can almost hear the shoulder socket cracking. Since you know Doug likes to toy with his prey for more than just one round, you might think he`d ease up a little. But Doug keeps the punishment fierce in hold after hold - even using Brody`s nostrils for leverage! A leg snapping submission gets him his favorite phrase: "I give!". But give Brody points for coming back in round two. He clearly realizes he has to punish or perish and bursts out of the corner, flattening Doug to gain a small advantage. He secures it with a kick to the head and then folds Doug`s legs up and over so that he can knuckle slap those vulnerable balls. Doug never quite recovers, and Brody claws at Doug like a wild animal. Just watch for the big red scratches on Doug`s ass to know that Brody`s innocence is finally lost. Brody ends it with a windpipe crushing leg scissors to the neck. But a pissed off Doug is a dirtier Doug. Although Brody trumps Doug in round three by stripping him right in the ring, Doug is smarter. Instead of just pulling off Brody`s suit, he uses it to tie up his ankles and wipe the mat with his body. Then he firmly plants his foot on Brody`s ass to get leverage for his punishment. With a final sleeper, a dazed Brody comes to in the oil pit where Doug`s experience wins out as he locks Brody up in one submission after another. When it`s over, Brody tries for one more bit of glory with a "shooting match." As they pump their cocks faster and faster, you may not want this challenge to end!

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