Superstuds: Toxic Gas


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CAST: Brad Star, Jobe Zander (Brad Boyer, Landon Mycles

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 2/16/2011

"SHAZOWIE!" Boss Sexton`s latest Hard Heroes sex adventure is comic book fetish fantasy... very much alive and in garish color. Stud Heroes Landon Mycles as (silver) Avenger, and Brad Star as (blue) Blazer regain consciousness in the secret lair of the evil sadist Toxic (Jobe Zander). Blazer and Avenger are helplessly tied up in hero bondage with their impressive meat packages rope accentuated in their skin tight... show everything... hero gear. Evil-in-black Toxic inspects and gropes his muscular captives. Then gasses them to do what ever he wants... at his command. Like deviate sexual acts the two super hero friends would never do to one another... normally. But nothing is normal in Toxic`s twisted world of sexual depravity. Gassed unconscious again, Blazer and Avenger are retied and further humiliated by Toxic... then rebound for even more punishment. Untieing his captives later, Toxic covers the heroes in an aphrodisiac gel which causes Blazer and Avenger to attack each other with sexual aggression. Later, after being cleaned up, Blazer is ordered to fuck Avenger. Hard. Over and over. You`re in for a treat because Landon Mycles is stunning to look at... especially while getting his beautiful ass plowed with super hero gusto by Brad Star. Blazer, Avenger, and Toxic all look sensational in their second skin hero suits. The hero bondage is beautifully accomplished. The lighting and editing make Boss Sexton`s comic book vision come to life. Super Hero freaks will love Can-Am`s latest sex adventure from start to finish. Super Studs: Toxic Gas is guaranteed "Shazowie"!

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