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CAST: Brad Taylor, Cody Cruze,


RELEASE DATE: 6/30/2004

Before they were Hard Heroes, they were just a couple of real beach dudes looking for some extra cash and a chance to show us what they could do on the mat. The result is Surfer Boy Showdown, the first video that Can-Am discoveries Cody Cruze and Brad Taylor made for Boss Sexton. And since both boys have now retired from erotic video, this video is even more of a gem! There is nothing like young, raw masculinity enveloped in the sweet dew of youthful good looks and innocence. You will be so glad we captured if for your viewing pleasure in a best-of-three fall showdown. In round one, we kept them in their wetsuits as a test of their endurance. They are clearly up to the challenge, and end up literally stewing in their own sexy juices. For round two, the action moves to cooler tight tops and speedos, but the action stays just as hot. And of course, those are soon shed for some complete butt naked action. The boundless energy of these boys will amaze you as they tear each other up. From hot submissions to pec pounding to ball grabbing to body flinging, these two hardly stop for a breath before they blow two nice loads. Youth has its advantages, and how lucky for you to be able to see it over and over again!

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