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RELEASE DATE: 4/13/2012

BOUT 1:BOBBY GREEN VS. MARK ADAMSBG lived in Huntington Beach, California for a long time. Naturally one can’t help but notice the Surfer Hunks on the beach. Obtaining these guys for some pro wrestling was made a lot easier because one of them was running a group of strippers. BG’s gym burned down in 1995, so the SurferHunk Pro Wrestling was conducted in a large basement made into a wrestling area with a mat and some mirrors. The result are matches and guys like the match here featuring Bobby Green vs. Mark Adams. Bobby is from Sweden, but took to Southern California beaches like a duck to water, so to speak. Mark is a local. They both are athletes, surfers and showmen. Check out this two out of three fall match.BOUT 2:VITO VS. SPENCER ROBBSpencer is one built black guy. He has very little body fat to speak of. He’s well muscled and highly defined. Vito is smaller, but a lot tougher, and like the last bout he appeared in, he is very athletic as well as able to take control of a bout. There is no holding him back in the first fall as he moves aggressively to dominance. The 2nd fall is tough for him, which he loses, but he comes back in the third determined to take Robb out. And he does. In the closing moments of the bout he effortlessly lifts a fading Robb into the air and places him across his knee. It’s backbreaker time as well as submission time.BOUT 3:VITO VS. RON KOBATAVito is small, but very aggressive. And he will do anything to win. Ron, a Japanese-American, finds that out the hard way as he is squashed in the first fall. But he learns. He starts to be forceful in the second fall, taking short cuts as necessary. He wins the fall with his special nerve hold. The third fall is all out. Both wrestlers try everything in their arsenals. You will see many holds and many reversals, usually by a dirty maneuver. We find out that both wrestlers can do flying dropkicks. Ron tries his successful nerve hold once again, but this time Vito manages to counter it. At one point he picks Ron up, lays him across his shoulders, and smashes him into the wall. Vito is determined to win and win he does with a combination surfboard and an over the shoulder backbreaker.

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