Sweet 69 Holes Vol. 1 Part 3

Dolphin Entertainment

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DIRECTOR: Alex Clark

RELEASE DATE: 4/4/2005

There are 23 of them, they are Russian. They are very serious, they are 18,19,20,21. Their bodies are undeveloped or just developed. Their skins are like brushed velvet, their cocks are long or short, fat or skinny, almost all uncut. When asked why they're doing it, they universally say for the money. They are almost all straight and have had their hearts broken by girls, but almost none of them has ever had a gay experience. They swing their balls and they talk of cars, jobs, girls, music, and money, and they. While they furrow their creamy brows and discuss their hopes, dreams, and aspirations, the director cuts in previews of their masturbations. They are utterly charming utterly desirable , beautifully photographed, and totally unattainable except in this marvelous, flowing, softly-colored movie.