Sweet Fantasies

Dolphin Entertainment

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CAST: Maugli, Alexander L., Him, Martin, Nick, David, Tadas, Makaveli, Evgeniy W., Tony

DIRECTOR: Alex Clark

RELEASE DATE: 6/2/2008

The hot Russian boys of Dolphin Entertainment are at it again! This sexy yet tender XXX video features all of your Dolphin favorites in four hardcore scenes that are romantic yet frisky, sweet yet raunchy, and playful yet action-packed!

Makaveli and Martin are sitting on a couch kissing and caressing. Their shirts, then their pants and briefs disappear, so that they can continue necking and playing with each other's erections at the same time. Martin goes down on Makaveli and gives him a long, eight minute blow job. As Martin works on him, Makaveli gets bigger and bigger, but before he can shoot, they switch, and Makaveli goes down on Martin. Martin sits back and enjoys the oral action. They move to the floor for continued sucking. Makaveli then sits down on Martin's hard cock and rides him. They then move up to the couch, so that Martin can pound him doggie style. Martin shoots his load on Makaveli's ass who, in turn, cums on Martin's face.