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CAST: Bart Tyler, Darius Mykonos, Diego Mykonos, Skip Roberts,


RELEASE DATE: 9/24/2009

TAGTEAM BRAWL 1 is a maximum energy marathon muscle match that delivers non- stop no-holds-barred pro action guaranteed to wear you out! Workout partners Skip Roberts and Bart Tyler are sparring in the ring while bodybeautiful brothers Diego and Darius Mykonos are exercising outside the ring. Comments lead to insults. Insults lead to challenges. And the challenges lead to muscle mayhem. Big Bart Tyler and handsome hunk Skip Roberts each challenge both the Mykonos brothers to two-on-one matches. A challenge Diego and Darius are only too happy to accept. What you get are two full two-on-one matches: Bart Tyler VS Diego and Darius Mykonos; and Skip Roberts VS Diego and Darius Mykonos. And even though only one Mykonos brother is supposed to be in the ring against Bart, and then Skip, at a time.... the rules are ignored, tempers flare, and dirty double teaming on both sides soon escalates to a full out mat muscle war. With four hardbody wrestlers sweating, straining, and suffering from start to finish.... TAGTEAM BRAWL 1 is Can-Am muscle bashing from start to finish. Who wins? Check it out!

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