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CAST: Derek Silva, Erik Kelso, Matt, Matt Ryan, Bigg Pete


RELEASE DATE: 5/29/2008

Buckle up tough guys because TAKEDOWN delivers a right cross the the jaw, a left hook belly buster, a double-clutch cock and balls crusher to tough guy muscle hunk Derek Da Silva who is chained in the ring ropes and tightly gagged while three with three-on-one beat him brutally... one at a time, two at a time, and three at a time. Pecs pounders and gut punchers will get off in the first five minutes. Derek does. Muscled up to 175 pounds since his last Titan video, Da Silva is jack-off hot as the beat-to-shit, gotta-be-champ, TAKEDOWN hero. Buck-ass naked, Da Silva endures endless unfair wrestling punishments and bare fisted torso, and cock and balls punching. Would-be-champ Da Silva and his Coach Matt Ryan are up to their good guy asses in the smarmy bad guy sport of underground fighting. TAKEDOWN has an involving plot, believable dialog, with storyline twists and turns that deliver a totally satisfying surprise ending. TAKEDOWN delivers abundant BDSM action for Zeus fans; pro-wrestling underground fight action for Can-Am fans; and a rich combination of the above for the Steel Mill Media fans delivered by hunky punisher thug Erik Kelso, and killer handsome Bigg Pete who takes a prolonged chest pounding and flogging chain spreadeagled in the middle of the ring; and introducing hunky hotty sexy newcomer Matt as a multi-tasking stud basher. But where TAKEDOWN really takes off and raises the gay action video quality bar is the movie is the over all production. Lighting man, camera man, sound and editing man, bondage master, and over all production designer Jim Rhatt should be recognized for his excellent work in bringing TAKEDOWN to life. Rhatt and producer Dire Callahan are partner/owners of Steel Mill Media, and together with Can-Am and Zeus.... this three way collaboration is the first of hopefully more co-productions. TAKEDOWN is a winner. A rare example of quality BDSM and wrestling fantasy action. Order up. You will not be disappointed.

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