Tales From The Chamber 2


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CAST: Andy Flyer, B-Rock, Beau Bradley, Jimmy Dean, Ron Masters

DIRECTOR: Beau Bradley

RELEASE DATE: 12/16/2003

Tales from the Chamber 2 brings you three more super vignettes of super heroes trapped by the dark forces lurking all around them. In Football Capture, lockerroom knockout B.Rock is beaten by a masked fiend (Jimmy Dean). Knocked out and stripped of his gear, the player wakes up tied and tormented by his captor. After experimenting with various knots, the captor gags the player again and puts him back to sleep until he’s ready to play some more! In Lagoon Capture, Beau Bradley returns from surfing to discover the pool has an eerie fog. Putting his hand in the mist, he is suddenly pulled below the water and transported to another dimension. Tied up in a wetsuit and floating in the mist, he is struggling and vulnerable. Pulled back into the mist, he resurfaces in a speedo - but still tied! Magically transported through the mist he is left poolside, tied and gagged as bait. Andy Flyer comes upon him and the pool is boiling with smoke. Beau tries to warn him from coming closer, but can only mumble through the gag. When Andy surfaces in the other dimension, hands come up through the mist to caress his struggling, bound body. Eventually a rubber man emerges from the mist and makes Andy kneel before him. Flashing back to our dimension, Jimmy Dean enters the pool area and sees Andy and Beau tied up. Of course he tries to help but is caught and subjected to the same near drowning torment! As all three end up tied and gagged at poolside, how many more can Rubber Man capture? In story three, Liquid Gets Caught, Ron Master is bound and struggling. A pair of mystery hands enter the screen and caress him along with some ass smacking. Watch the latex clad Masters get thoroughly man handled before being choked out and left helpless. Tales from the Chamber 2 delivers plenty of bound and gagged super hero action. Tie it off and tie this one up!

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