Tales From The Chamber 7


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CAST: A.J. Irons, Aryx Quinn, Casey Everett, Jobe Zander, Juan Lopez, Landon Mycles, Rio Garza

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 11/18/2015

Four heroes enter the dark place, but they are quickly separated. Each will face challenges, temptations, and torments. Which will survive THE CHAMBER?
Chains. Leather and metal and buckles and clamps. Are these everyday tools, or implements of dominance and sexual dominance? That's just what Eclipse (Rio Garza) wonders as he wanders into the dark Chamber, only to discover a table laid with a feast of restraints straight out of a bdsm fantasy.
Eclipse is attired in a flawless bumblebee yellow lycra bodysuit trimmed with inky black lines that emphasize his thick, glossy hair. Boots and gloves of shiny black complete the look that is topped by a sleek raccoon's mask that does nothing to take away from the hero's hungry eyes.
Suddenly we hear a sound like the scream of ten thousand banshees, a single maniacal laugh cuts through the din, and just like that the yellow clad hunk is hung up in pale net spider's web of mesh and rope.

"Well Eclipse, the sun's not shining on you today, is it?" says the blue attired villain Blue Viper (Aryx Quinn) slinking out of the shadows. As the light hits we see he is a vision of physical perfection attired in shimmering blue. His comic book character chest is visible through the large triangular cutout in his bodysuit, pectorals casting shadows with just a glimpse of solid abdominal muscles. He struts. He strides. He circles the helpless hero like a tiger preparing to pounce.
At least now we know who the table was prepared for...

The blue clad villain launches into a series of brutal body punches that echo in the chamber with a dull droning thud. Boots pound into Eclipse's back. Gloved hands grope and grab at unprepared abs.
"You're gonna pay for this," Eclipse struggles to say, his fluid accent tickles like a tongue in the ear.
Soon the villain wraps the hero up in his legs in an almost intimate way, before mixing it up with more brutal body punches.

"For a super hero, there's nothing super about you!" laughs the villain, wrenching the hero backwards by way of the net, which is promptly taken away to leave room for the two foes to have it out man to man. Watch and yellow and blue clad bodies twist and tie up, becks are squeezed and strained, faces twist up in agony, and even heads are used for headbutting. Arms are twisted around necks and feet are used to wrench legs into increasingly uncomfortable positions of pain and punishment. It's a body straddling, chest pounding, half-nelson inflicting, bearhug giving battle of the beasts, as butts are jiggling balls are emphasized again and again in those flawless lycra suits.
They circle each other, lock up, tumble to the floor with a crash, roll around with fists flying and endless moans and groans. This is no one sided battle. This is a truly even fight to the finish as each guy is forced into positions so expressive and fascinating an artist could be inspired to sculpt them. One man is chained to the ceiling, another wins. But who?
Meanwhile, in another part of the chamber...

Ropeman (Landon Mycles) stalks into a bed of mist, baring his signature rope. He rippling thighs and bulging biceps look like they're about to burst out of the tight green lycra that encases them. He is fair-haired and crew-cutted to perfection in black books and red tunic, his bare arms and muscular neck make give him an intimidating air as he demands the appearance of the mischievous Qusar (played to perfection by a mouth-watering A.J. Irons).
Like an impish gin from a fairy tale, Qusar leaps out of the mist, a vision in glossy black and silver, olive skin, and inky black hair.
"You dare call me up, Ropeman!" he sneers, turning the Ropeman's signature weapon against him. Within seconds they're rolling around of the floor, surrounded my beguiling mist, arms and legs interwoven in shimmering mixtures of red, black, green, and silver. Qusar's calves are bare, giving sight to that golden skin and hair. This is not a squash job either, and both men wrestle like Olympians for the mounted position. Just when it seems one guy has pinned the other, the odds change, and another head is scissored, or another ass is humped in humiliating style. The trash talk in glorious, heated, and stylized, and the wrestling never feels staged. Naturally it all ends in a punishing sleeper hold, and one man is made the bitch of that epic enemy to all, the silent rope!
The bondage scenario that follows is one of special fascination, as each and every inch of the victim is tied in such a way that all eyes rest on the exquisite package and ass. The victim dangles, turns, and swings like a lucky chandelier, as the enforcer has his way, which includes forced liplocks, cocks, balls, an epic blowjob, and buttplay.
Beyond the mists, a hero suffers beautifully...
A hero's fate hangs in the balance, as the caped crusader's red boots hang just above the ground. He is trapped in the gauntlet, struggling to gain freedom. Number Seven (Rio Garza) strains, his stunning chest and pectoral muscles hard at work, when Merlan (Jobe Zander) appears, the darkest of the many villains we've ever encountered in the Hard Heroes series. A decrepit old man, or so we assume, as he slumps and hobbles around the gauntlet and hero dressed only in a velvety black cloak. Armed with a bronze serpent staff designed to dole out electric shocks, Merlan is empowered by every scream that bursts forth from the hero's perfect lips. It's a pain and punishment scenario that proves once and for all that nudity is not necessary for a hot erotic tale.

In the final room of the chamber, a hero is Stuck...
Rage (Juan Lopez) has happened upon a portion of the floor that traps his feet, making him unmovable. The bald badass isn't much now, despite a skintight sky blue lyrca suit that leaves nothing to the imagination. He pulls, fights, and struggles to regain his freedom, but the exquisite Zoran (Casey Everett, in an inspired and sinister performance) appears, dressed all in black, with a spiky Mohawk, searching fingers that squeeze and torment, and the grin of a cheshire cat that makes you want him to never ever stop. Zoran explores every inch of Rage's imprisoned body with a half groping, half caressing glee like nothing we've ever seen before. Tongue flicking like a serpent, kisses are taken by force, abs are pounded sometimes gently, sometimes hard, and pecs are squeezed mercilessly. Costumes are ripped off, and one massive, throbbing, red as a cherry cock is serviced like a prince by puckered lips, biting teeth, and ever tightening ropes!

Time passes strangely in the Chamber. Watching each match makes it seem like time is spinning away, that all the exists is each fight in this place of darkness and eroticism, a place where you come to blow your load again and again and again...

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