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CAST: Rusty Stevens, Aryx Quinn

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 2/18/2010

A new day… a new fight! Picking up where “The Arena 1” leaves off, Aryx Quinn and Rusty Stevens are in the Arena ready for a loser gets fucked finish.
Stunning visuals as both of these hotbods pump and pose for each other under the lights of the Arena. Finally the match is on and these two fighters go at each other with everything they have. Aryx Quinn is determined to put on a good show for the Bossman and ensure his ass remains safe. Lots of ball grabbing, body ripping, sweat, and punishment. An incredible exchange of punishing holds until finally Aryx Quinn applies the “Kiss of Death” to Stevens putting him OUT! Down for the count Stevens is laid out while Quinn preps to take his prize. Quinn wakes up Stevens and forces him to service his dick with his mouth… that is until Quinn then turns Stevens around and takes his prize: Stevens` ass. After plowing his ass and getting ready to leave, Quinn is jumped by Stevens who applies his own version of Quinn`s Kiss of Death, putting Quinn out. Quinn abrubtly regains consiciouness getting his ass blugenoned by Stevens. Absolutely a first. Ever.
This is one totally unbelievable match and not to be missed. Feast your eyes and beat your meat watching the one and only Aryx Quinn get his Can-Am virgin ass violated. Order up.

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