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CAST: Rio Garza, Aryx Quinn, Michael Vineland, Drake Davenport

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 7/11/2011

The third video of Boss Sexton`s latest best selling Arena series introduces his breathtaking new discovery Rio Garza. Think back to previous Sexton superstars like Mark Wolf, Tom Flex, Beau Hopkins, Skip Roberts, Brian Maxon and many others, and you`ll have an idea of the caliber of Boss Sexton`s latest gift to you... Rio Garza. So be forewarned, Rio`s face, body and suffering will break your heart. A successful South American model and fitness star, Rio has done some minor video work in the States; and is now Boss Sexton`s latest Can-Am Exclusive. Catch your breath and manhandle your dick watching Rio`s magnificent body suffer endlessly double teamed by Can-Am Exclusive Drake Davenport and Can-Am Exclusive Michael Vineland. On orders from Boss Sexton, Rio pays his newcomer punishment dues at the jealous hands of Davenport and Vineland. And keep an eye open for some white bondage rope coiled on the side of the mat? Rio displays his wares sweating up two extremely brief bikinis in Arena 3`s Part One.
Part Two.... enter muscle-stud bad boy bully Aryx Quinn. Quinn unties Rio, only to start torturing him where Davenport and Michaels left off.... and this action is even hotter than Part One. Yes, HOTTER! Now wrestling one-on-one Rio holds his own against Aryx and both beauties beat each other mercilessly. Plus very personal camera work sucks you right into the groin of the action. Gentlemen, Arena 3 (in the tradition of Arena 1 and Arena 2) absolutely, positively will not disappoint you. At once Rio Garza takes his place comfortably in Sexton`s stable of superstars. And according to some insider information, Boss Sexton has already shot six more Rio Garza actioners. But in the meantime, introduce your dicks to beautiful Rio and his fellow Can-Am Exclusives Drake Davenport and Michael Vineland; plus Aryx Quinn in Arena 3. Order right this minute; then tell Boss Sexton what you think about his new favorite muscle boy Rio Garza. You`ll be back for more. Trust me. WOOF!

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