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CAST: Aryx Quinn, Michael Vineland, Drake Davenport

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 6/11/2010

Heads up and order up #4 of Boss Sexton`s super series "The Arena". FYI muscle stud Aryx Quinn has been hanging around the Can-Am gym and studios trying to catch the eye and impress Boss Sexton to make him a Can-Am exclusive like Drake Davenport and Michael Vineland. You have to wonder if Aryx actually likes and respects the two exclusives, or is he faking his respect as part of a revenge plot against them for what they did to his buddy Rio Garza in "The Arena 3". What Quinn doesn`t know is just how much he`ll have to suffer yet to be a Boss Sexton exclusive.. So let the suffering begin. "Arena 4" begins with Quinn buttering up Davenport in the Can-Am gym. Boss Sexton`s dramatically sexy lighting designed especially for The Arena series shows off Davenport, Vineland, and Quinn to their muscle popping max. Humbling himself to Davenport, Quinn says "I`m from a tiny, provincial, narrow minded wrestling federation back east". Humble? Aryx Quinn? Will Davenport and Vineland fall for it?

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