The Betrayal


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CAST: Jason Stryker, Jobe Zander (Brad Boyer)

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 11/18/2015

Blue Team Headquarters; the late night shift. A perfect time for a crime to go down. Striker (Jason Striker) is out of uniform, just a bespectacled babe in a blue shirt and trousers, a head-turner, for sure, but not a super hero. He`s watching for signals of disruption in the night...waiting for signs that a hero is needed.

Rayon (Jobe Zander) enters, fully attired in his silvery blue, tight lycra costume. He is not pleased to find Striker out of uniform, and is even less pleased with Striker`s cocky attitude, but his rage is interrupted by a disturbance that requires their attention. Striker retreats to the changing room to suit up, and we are treated to a stretching session in which the golden-skinned stud slowly and sensually explores the full extension of his chiseled, greek-god-like musculature.

In a rare glimpse into the backstage works of the Hard Heroes, we watch like a very fortunate fly on the wall as Striker attires himself in flesh-hugging blue and white lycra that only emphasizes his every asset, from his tight ass, to his flawless feet, to his sexy arms, chest, and back. Even his dangling cock is given a comfortable home in the ocean blue bodysuit.

As the light dances across the perfectly attired super hero, white gloved hands explore every bulge and crevice, and the transformation is complete. Now off to the old chemical factory, where a darkened room plays host to the events that are to follow. Striker, lead only by a pale blue light, discovers a peculiar metallic rectangle that stands ominously, silent and cold. But before the hero is able to comprehend the use of such a device, he is captured!

"Show yourself!" he commands, when he finds his wrists bound together and tethered to the metallic rectangle, his abdominals straining as he struggles agains his bonds. A hooded figure steps out of the darkness...

Rayon! Armed with a terrifying golden paddle, a gift from an old opponent, intends to teach Striker a lesson. With each plunge of the paddle into Striker`s torso, a blast of strength-draining electricity rages through his body, rendering the hero helpless. He screams like a bitch.

Talk about an attitude adjustment...soon Striker is stripped to his platinum trunks and face mask, and tossed from one end of the darkened room to the other, even taking a turn on a red torture table. Rayon pummels the pro from head to toe, abusing his mouth, his cock, his every inch, making him soft, pliable, and completely disposed. His face is strained, his feet clenched, his head pressed tightly into Rayon`s clamped armpit, before he is ordered to submit to the will of Rayon and forced to beat his meat until he reaches a machine-gun like orgasm.

Complete with extreme close-up ass-play, and a sensuous session with Striker`s legendarily mammoth man meat, one might wonder if it`s better for a hero to fight back, or simply allow themselves to be reduced to a puddle of pathetic, sobbing, cum-stained glory.

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