The Bigger They Are....

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Niko Knight, Zeke West

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 11/18/2015

What is it about a big guy? Tall, strong. We see them in the subway, stooping to clear the threshold, t-shirt stretched just enough to really tell you how much man there is to cover. We see them swaggering into restaurants and shops and bars, commanding the space with their broad shoulders and solid frames. Heads turn, eyes move up and down...from head to toe it`s a masterpiece. We count ourselves lucky when one jogs past us, shirtless and sweating, and we the sweat trickles down a long torso, or a big, well-muscled back, or a pair of long, powerful, masculine thighs. We imagine ourselves getting wrapped up in those strong arms and legs, getting smacked around by big hands, or getting tangled up in a wrestling match and winning. Most everybody loves a big guy. And as they say, the bigger they are...

24 year old Niko Knight stands 6`3", and at 227 lbs, he is a brown-eyed, raven-haired, tan-bodied bundle of mouth watering man meat, and he`s ready to fight. With that cocky smile and those flawless red trunks that emphasize big, beautiful thighs, he`s a total heartthrob, stretching and straining to loosen up in a darkened, yet masterfully lit locker room that illuminates every glorious detail of this big, tall terror.

But this is no David and Goliath match. We`ve shot plenty of those, and they`re a lot of fun. But is Goliath vs. Goliath, because what`s better than one bodacious big guy? TWO!

Enter Zeke West, also 24, standing even taller than Knight at 6`4". At 220 lbs, this slightly taller, slightly leaner, slightly lighter, stunningly striking mountain of man may give the gorgeous Knight a run for his money. Add to that a pair of sparkling sea green eyes, and you`ve got yourself a total vision.

The trash talk is terse, teasing, as both battle boys circle and strut. They seem almost nervous. At last they lock fingers in a test of strength, big feet planted in the black mat like tree trunks, leg muscles working hard as neither man wants to lose. Watching these guys muscle one another with all their might, never making contact beyond the locked fingers, is enough to drive any viewer mad with anticipation for the moment when they finally tangle.

Not soon enough these guys are on the floor, falling hard. West traps Knight in a leg lock that sees the taller stud pulling Knight`s foot close to his face and wrenching it hard, making Knight grit his teeth and beg.

"Cry about it," scoffs West, locking his legs together tighter. As West rises, we become suddenly aware of the structure of his powerful chest and shoulders. Arms are wrenched behind backs. Big bodies are muscled over knees and into painful back breakers. Faces are shoved in mats.

Amazingly and amusingly, these big brutes trash talk and mock each other like a couple of bitches having a catfight, calling each other "baby", "bitch", and "pussy", which gives the entire match a unique and fascinating balance that challenges any preconceived notions of masculinity.

Soon West is sweating, which only adds further definition to his glorious frame. West is confidant, but Knight claps his hands hard around his opponent`s neck, as the two struggle for that next fall. Asses are displayed brilliantly as these locked-up combatants circle and strain, loved by the camera and our state of the art LED lighting.

Arm wrenching punishment, crotch abuse, cheap shots, and furious floor suffering are all part of the game, as well as teasing, pectoral clawing, and straddling torture.

If you want to see two big guys collide like two boulders, this is the match for you.

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