The Bigger They Are 2

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Niko Knight, Scott Summers

DIRECTOR: Jobe Zander

RELEASE DATE: 11/25/2015

What is it about a big guy? Tall, strong. We see them in the subway, stooping to clear the threshold, t-shirt stretched just enough to really tell you how much man there is to cover. We see them swaggering into restaurants and shops and bars, commanding the space with their broad shoulders and solid frames. Heads turn, eyes move up and down...from head to toe it`s a masterpiece. We count ourselves lucky when one jogs past us, shirtless and sweating, and we the sweat trickles down a long torso, or a big, well-muscled back, or a pair of long, powerful, masculine thighs. We imagine ourselves getting wrapped up in those strong arms and legs, getting smacked around by big hands, or getting tangled up in a wrestling match and winning. Most everybody loves a big guy. And as they say, the bigger they are... Scott Summers checks out the fight space. Clad only in barely-there yellow speedos, this handsome heartthrob offers a boyish face on a man`s body, artfully emphasized by tattoos. Just look at the length of that torso, the curvature of the bare feet that bare and balance that tall frame. Big as he is, there`s a twinge of nervousness in his jerky movements and in the upward arch of his brows.

6`3" Niko Knight returns to the mat room to take another tumble with yet another Goliath like himself. Knight places his hands behind his head, raising his elbows skyward and bending back to reveal flawless abs, delts, pecs, and everything else. This is the guys you want to draw in your intro to anatomy class. This is the guy ancient sculptors sought. Knight`s been here before, and he is unafraid. "Think you`re so big, huh bigshot," Summers challenges, breaking the silence with only a twinge of fear in his voice. Few words are exchanged. There`s no love lost between them. Each glares at the other with a total desire to tear the other down. There will only be one big guy winning this match. They go crashing to the floor, and Summers takes control with a painful leg scissor, which Knight quickly returns, locking his massive and highly sensual feet together to bring the lockup home. Now the words come out, as they argue and dare each other back and forth like a pair of particularly huge brothers wrestling in their bedroom. Tons of floor work, as scissors are exchanged again and again, pecs are groped roughly, and powerful back muscles are put to the test. sweat begins to form in the space between Knight`s pecs, as summers presses down on him relentlessly. Summers is clamped into a ruthless sleeper hold that displays a fiery red tattoo just above the line of his trunks. Knight dominates the hold, but he`s clearly strained trying to continue punishing Summers. Brutal backbreakers, strenuous sleepers, and endless scissor holds bring these guys almost to the point of exchanging blows. There`s something unique about watching such tall guys fight it out, the effort it takes them to really clamp those holds together is slower, hotter, and more deeply felt, until the breathtaking climax that leaves one stud passed out on the mat. But which Goliath will it be?

Find out, in The Bigger They Are 2!

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