The Collector: The Capture Of Turbo And Thunder


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CAST: Jimmy Dean, Chris Cumberland, Brody Mitchell

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 8/5/2019

Thunder and Turbo, two beautifully muscular Heroes arrive for their work out at the Training Arena. They lock up and it’s obvious that there is more than a little chemistry there. At the same time Turbo takes the lead and begins to work over Thunders tight bod, displaying his beautiful washboard abs through the tight spandex.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the Heroes, a Super Villain of disastrous proportions is hiding under the ring. Yes, it is the one and only Collector (played by underground wrestling legend Jimmy Dean, who has obviously sold his soul to still look so smoking hot after all these years).

The Collector has decided that he wants to collect Turbo and Thunder for his growing gallery of defeated Super Heroes and have his evil way with their beautiful bodies. The vicious possibilities are endless.

As the Heroes take a break from training, the Collector strikes! Shooting up Thunder with some evil serum, and chloroforming Turbo before tying him to the turnbuckle and rendering him helpless from the vicious attack the Collector gives to his beautiful team mate. Thunder is scissored, stretched and strained, brutalized at the hands of the evil muscle god.

Then the unthinkable, the Collector strips the boys of their super suits, revealing the poor super suckers muscular torsos, which of course becomes a target for torture.

The Collector observes his beautiful prizes. But he has one more trick up his sleeve. He uses some evil magic and BAM, all three of the muscular trio are dressed in speedos that barely exist. Turbo in blue, Thunder in purple and The Collector in bright orange (showing off a beautiful bulge). The sexy heroes try to take him down, but it’s never going to be easy to take down a legend like the Collector. Will it be Turbo and Thunder time? Or will the Collector demolish and humiliate the young team mates and end up another beautiful addition to the Collectors Gallery?

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