The Conversion


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CAST: Rusty Stevens, Brad Boyer aka Jobe Zander, Aryx Quinn (Tristan Baldwin), Drake Davenport, John Magnum

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton, Beau Bradley

RELEASE DATE: 8/16/2012

This HARD HEROES adventure delivers a feature, and on the DVD a bonus... a short second feature on the same DVD for the same price.

The Conversion - Red caped super hero (Rusty Stevens) attempts to rescue his hero buddy Cosmos (muscle boy John Magnum) from the oblivion cylinder in Silver Villain Jobe Zander's secret laboratory. Thwarting caped hero's rescue efforts is a masked laboratory minion. Jobe's guard character flashes one of the hottest villain crotches you've ever seen. There is much hero/villain give and take. Silver Villain's super power is his inner electricity which can produce high voltage for a variety of diabolical purposes. It's the struggle between good and evil with super heroes played by super hot Rusty Stevens, hot hero muscle boy John Magnum, and one of Boss Sexton's most dependable pro wrestlers who plays heroes and villains with equal conviction... the very versatile Jobe Zander. It's body jolting electricity that is the super hero power being fought for. Super hero sex between sexy Rusty Stevens and muscular John Magnum delivers your very satisfying wad shots.

The Chamber - Is actually an unfinished shoot that doesn't have an actual plot line. But you need no plot to enjoy pure Can-Am super hero action. Starring favorite muscle heel Aryx Quinn, sexy Drake Davenport. and versatile favorite Jobe Zander. For Jobe Zander fans, you gotta have this video. For super hero fans, don't try to make much sense of The Chamber. Just enjoy the scenes with Aryx, Drake, and Jobe shot. Create your own super hero fantasy with the three hunks. That's a lot of hero testosterone to work with. Remember, you get the feature The Conversion; plus on the DVD only a bonus of lots of unedited hero footage that we're calling The Chamber.... both for the same price.

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