The Hand Returns (HardHeroes Vol. 12)


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CAST: Jay Moore, Clint Peak, Derek Cruz, Brett Taylor

DIRECTOR: Beau Bradley

RELEASE DATE: 5/29/2008

The dastardly Hand will never be satisfied until he has found every last super hero and tortured the goodness right out of them! At the end of part one, our heroes, Hawk (blond hot bodied Clint Peak), and Burst (super sexy Derek Cruz) were captured, and their fate was a cliffhanger. The Hand Returns opens with them hanging upside down on the torture racks. The Hand manipulates their spandex clad bodies, and has an extra special "treat" in store - electro torture!

He threatens their nipples and balls with the big ragged ends of a battery cable, before turning on the juice. They may have super powers, but no one could withstand this kind of pain. Then the Hand strips them down and forces them to jerk off for his pleasure! The Hand has won - he has sapped them of their will, and they are now his slaves. Their buddy Sonic arrives (oh so gorgeous Bret Taylor) - planning a rescue. But his now enslaved buddies wrestle him into submission. Soon he is hanging in the rack, stripped and vulnerable to the Hand’s evil ways. He blasts off another hot load, and we can only assume the Hand has yet another slave to do his bidding!

BONUS! The DVD contains a special bonus scene: Chained Up. One of our heroes suffers really well!

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