The Roper: The Making Of a Photo Comicbook


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CAST: Federico Bulsara, Victor Racek

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 10/20/2019

Have you ever wanted a peek behind the curtain at how the Boss creates his live action comic books? How about how his glorious models get styled and dressed? How about watching two of our stars be each other’s fluffer? Well, this video is for you!

Join The Boss’ cast and crew as we take you on an exclusive backstage tour of a photo comic shoot, where you’ll get to see our sexy models Victor (as our hero Atomix) and Federico (as our villain Roper) get suited up, painted, and then take you through one of the horniest photo shoots we’ve ever had.

You’ll get to see Federico’s sexy spandex stretch session, where his super suit leaves very little too the imagination (thankfully)

Then we go to Viktor in the makeup chair. He’s trying to stay very still, but Federico playfully toys with his body, hinting at obvious chemistry between the two.

Transformations finished, Federico and Viktor head to their photo shoot, striking all kinds of sexy superhero poses. The obvious sexual tension between these two is enough to get the whole crew off! They can’t keep their hands off each other’s rippling pectorals, washboard abs and giant cocks.

I’m sure The Boss had to literally pull them apart at times to make sure he got the shot before they actually shot!

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