Close-Up Men

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CAST: devon rexman, dylan, mykos

DIRECTOR: Steve Johnson

RELEASE DATE: 11/11/2002

Three horny guys get into some butt play with the home enema bag and hose. When Devon takes his shower he makes sure his butt hole is clean and ready to get a good plugging from some stud with a thick man-sized weenie. As he plays in the laundry tub, Mykos comes along and puts his thick juicy plug in to Devon's watering hole. When Mykos cums he is watching Devon doing ass play with the enema bag. As they play Dylan arrives. He has been watching from the windows above. Dylan is a kinky guy who soon has the hose up his own waiting hole. Dylan cums as he plugs his butt with the enema hose. LOTS OF WATER, LOTS OF CUM, BUTT PLAY, FUCKING, SUCKING. THREE HORNY GUYS INTO THIS KINKY WATER SCENE

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