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CAST: Jimmy Dean, Lincoln Load, Andrew Lane,


RELEASE DATE: 11/4/2004

Gentlemen, buckle up for a nonstop testosterone overdose of muscle, sweat, rubber, great wrestling, and a winner-take-all fuck in one of the BEST new videos in the vast Can-Am video library. “BEST”... because Boss Sexton is back behind the camera and calling the shots. Nobody gets the angles and the action that the Boss gets out of his wrestlers. 3-WAY RUBBER REVENGE is a Can-Am / Jimmy Dean co-pro starring superstar Jimmy Dean, killer hotbod Lincoln Lode, and jobber cutie Andrew Lane that`s a must for your permanent collections. Muscle meanie Jimmy Dean orders Lincoln and Andrew to wrestle for the privilege of wrestling him. Lincoln wears eye-popping skin-tight yellow rubber briefs with a red rubber top. Andrew wears baby blue rubber tights and a dark blue rubber top. Both rubber boys slather each other with oil and BAM... their at it! Slick rubber gets peeled off to expose tight Speedos. Tight Speedos get ripped off to expose ripe bubble butts and tasty cocks. Lincoln has the clear advantage in muscle strength and wrestling skill... and he destroys jobber boy Andrew for the win as a warm up for the match he really wants... Jimmy Dean. Shifting into high gear, the battle of the bodies starts off with Lincoln in purple Speedos and Jimmy in a black and purple rubber tank suit. From this point on the abundant excellent wrestling action is fast, furious, evenly matched, and spectacular to watch. Before peeling him out of his black tank suit, Lincoln gives Jimmy the mother of all rubber wedgies. And Jimmy contorts and displays Lincoln`s beautiful body in dozens of punishing display holds. You can`t take your eyes off these two muscle men giving and taking every abuse known to wrestling. The great Jimmy Dean loses a fall and is forced to suck Lincoln`s ever-ready cock. When Jimmy surprisingly loses another fall, Andrew jumps back into the fray to double team Jimmy into bound captivity. Celebrating their double team win, Lincoln and Andrew pump off victory loads. From this point it`s win or get fucked. Now both geared in show-stopping lycra tights, JD and Lincoln fight like savages. Their muscular bodies are beaten, stretched, pounded, punched, and tested to their limits. With two world class asses on the block, either bubble butt would be a great trophy fuck. But a long, suffocating choke hold, and a torturous figure-4 leg hold submission awards Lincoln Load`s perfect ass to final victor Jimmy Dean. Revenge is sweet and sexy as Jimmy jams his rock hard cock in and out of Lincoln`s tight ass as he bronco busts his hard won muscle bitch into the sunset. Gentlemen, 3-WAY RUBBER REVENGE is the video your cock will thank you for over and over and over. Guaranteed!

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