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CAST: Cameron Sage, Erik Michaels, Jarda Kolar, Kirka Kalvoda, Sam Dixon, Scott Davenport,


RELEASE DATE: 8/14/2002

STAKE-OUT is the first of three in our new Tickled, Tackled & Touched series from Can-Am and Matt Thomas Productions. To answer the numerous requests Boss Sexton receives to add tickling to the Can-Am roster of wrestling variations, STAKE-OUT provides first-rate pool and grass wrestling, followed by loser gets bound-and-tickled action, followed by a pounding fuck! Newcomers Cameron Sage and Scott Davenport star as the pool boy and lonely house guest who find novel ways to spruce up an afternoon in the sun. Sultry Southerner Davenport gets bored while visiting his rich uncle in LA. When Sage comes to clean the pool, Davenport starts a little tease while pretending to tan. Then he taunts the pool boy by throwing his water bottle cap into the pool. Sage wastes no time in throwing Davenport in after it, and the action is on. The boys struggle a bit in the deep end of the pool (highlighted by our underwater camera) before heading for some wrestling action in the shallow end. Thoroughly doused, Davenport makes a break for it, but he is tackled on the front lawn by Sage. Sage`s military training shows as he dominates Davenport in hold after hold. Davenport uses ball grabs, ass slaps, and nipple twists - fighting dirty to try and gain an advantage - to no avail. With a final sleeper, the stage is set for the ultimate in erotic torture. Slapped awake, Davenport finds himself staked out on the lawn and completely vulnerable. Sage immediately goes to work, tickling his sides, armpits, and feet. Writhing in both pleasure and pain, Davenport laughs uncontrollably. Finally winded, he`s given a choice: Sage will let him go if he submits to Sage`s sexual whims. What little resistance Davenport has left is gone after one more round in the armpits. Davenport is now a willing sex object. The uncle clearly has a kinky streak of his own, as Davenport leads Sage into a private shower room the uncle built on his property. There, the two trade blow jobs before Sage bends him over and plows Davenport`s ass long, fast, and hard. This is one video that packs it all in for your pleasure. Even if you`ve never considered the erotic possibilities of tickling before, we`re sure you`ll get a kick - and definitely a blast - out of STAKE-OUT.
You have spoken! The response to Tickled, Tackled & Touched 1 - Stake-Out, has been phenomenal! You can be sure that beyond this original three part series that Boss Sexton will be bringing you even more tickling adventures. Part 2 of the series teams up newly-ripped LA Studpuppy, Sam Dixon, and San Francisco`s reigning power bottom, Erik "Give Me More!" Michaels. Anyone who has ever had an obnoxious boss will be able to relate to Assistant`s Revenge. Michaels plays an arrogant, know-it-all porn director. He drives his poor assistant, Dixon, insane with conflicting directions and verbal put-downs as they set up for the day`s shoot. Finally, Dixon has enough, and he attacks Michaels, putting his arrogant ass right into the mat. Michaels is wiry and tough to start out, but that act fades as they rip and strip wrestle across the floor. The sight of Dixon`s hot body and huge dick turns Michaels from arrogant asshole to hungry bottom. But Dixon isn`t about to let him "get off" so easily. Using the porn set`s prop bondage chair, he secures Michaels for a torturous tickling session. From his vulnerable rib cage to his extra ticklish feet, Michaels convulses in the happy intersection of pleasure and torment. After promising to be the willing bottom he truly is, Dixon finally sets him free so he can really put his big dick to use, plugging Michaels at both ends. Rip `n strip wrestling, relentless tickling, and hot sex - what more could you want? (Each order includes a healthy piece of torn clothing - while supplies last!)
The third and final installment of our Tickled, Tackled & Touched series brings you your favorite Czechs - the stunning Jirka Kalvoda and Jarda Kolar. It`s obvious how much you like these guys (and who can blame you!), so we cast them in something a little different. In Czech Mates, the two randy muscle studs are staying at a friend`s house in the Hollywood Hills when the maid arrives for her weekly cleaning. Of course her presence and suggestive cleaning style make the two want to prove what “wild and crazy guys” they are. Trying to out macho and out dick one another, they put on a little testosterone tease for the buxom blonde who seems somewhat interested. The two strut and pose in their second-skin swimsuits trying to make their desires obvious. But when they approach her and touch her, she gets mad, throws them in the chilling pool water, and stomps off. Blaming and cursing each other, the two end up inside and wrestling on the rug. Jirka is the stronger of the two and easily dominates his dark haired friend. Putting him out with a sleeper, he decides some erotic fun with his friend is certainly just as satisfying. Tieing him to a bed with neck ties, he slaps Jarda awake. Jarda seems genuinely surprised at his predicament and wonders what Jirka could be devising. But that question is soon answered by Jirka`s light fingered touch along Jarda`s sides and feet. Jarda`s exquisite muscles ripple and strain as he laughs uproariously and struggles with the ties that bind -but there`s no escape. Finally, the always horny Jirka offers him a way out. If Jarda agrees to satisfy him, Jirka will let him go. Jarda makes that decision easily and is soon sucking down Jirka`s big uncut dick. Jarda does a good job there, but Jirka wants more, and soon Jarda is spreading his cheeks for a good, hard fucking. With both of them finally spent, the two seem to be quite pleased with the way it all worked out. Czech Mates delivers a fun story with hot wrestling, torturous tickling, hard sex and double cum shots. What more could you ask for? Order up!

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