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CAST: cody braddock, sonny beaudraux

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 1/6/2014

Double Feature, Session One: Sonny Beaudraux is one of L.A.'s most popular muscleboy strip-o-grams, and his most requested strip-o-gram costume is a cop. For all you cops in bondage fans, body-beautiful Sonny gets rip-stripped out of his cop uniform and tied up and beat up in five hot bondage positions before getting jacked off. Session Two: Cody Braddock AKA Scott Randsome, one of porndom's most spectacular bodybuilders, gets tied up, chloroformed, stripped, tied up over and over, fist punched, man handled, and shoots his load for all of you who like their bondage bottoms fresh from a physique contest win. Cody loved having his muscles tied up and worked over...and his sweaty struggles to get your loads are non-stop. Hardbody watchers will love Sonny Beaudraux and Cody Braddock in multiple muscle bondage positions and cum shots.

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