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CAST: chance caldwell, j.t. easton

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 1/8/2014

This double feature TIGHTROPES was subtitled David & Goliath to describe the two body beautiful bondage bottoms that suffer their asses off for you. Feature One: J.T. ("David") Easton is a gorgeous 25 year old blond, blue eyed, muscle ripped, 150 pound gymnast that typifies those gorgeous bodies you see in televised gymnastics events. J.T. will make your dick bark in multiple bondage positions gagged, and stretched to his limits. Feature Two: Beefy bodybuilder and porn legend Chance ("Goliath") Caldwell looks like one of those musclebound late-nite gladiator movie heroes who gets captured, tied up, and worked over heroically. TIGHTROPES TWENTY-FOUR delivers David and Goliath in multiple bondage positions, body punching, flogging, butt work, nipple work, gags, hard ons, and cum shots. J. T. fist punches his own washboard abs to climax.

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