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CAST: scott answer, tony mikos

DIRECTOR: Daddy Zeus

RELEASE DATE: 6/13/2007

Double Feature. For Scott Answer's legion of fans, and every man that gets off on nipple work, Scott's tit trip in TIGHTROPES THREE will "answer" your prayers. Before going under both ropes and chains, Scott butt-plug-fucks his shaved-hairless baby smooth ass hole, climaxes through a 7-gates-of-hell chrome cock and ball harness, and gets his legendary nipples padlocked (yes, thru his nipples) and worked over hard. Golden Greek muscle adonis Tony Mykos' mouth is as sexy as his body as he coaxes and teases and taunts you into tieing him up, then tells you to "Get your hands on this body....grab ahold of this hot cock and big, juicy balls." Rude hands grab, grope, probe, and penetrate Tony's every crack and crevice. Both Scott Answer and Tony Mykos dirty talk you all the way through both of their sessions. This classic TIGHTROPES is one of the series best.

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