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CAST: Andy Sutton, Matt Anderson


RELEASE DATE: 5/11/2019

It’s December of 1996, and a pair of tight-bodied 26 year-olds are about to tie up. Andy Sutton is the shorter man, standing only 5’7. He’s the bouncy gymnast type, with a cut upper body, impressive thighs, and a package that unintentionally stands at attention through his thin grey trunks. His opponent is 6ft tall Matt Anderson, with long golden hair that tumbles down his v-shaped back like a waterfall. It’s a pro match, set squarely in the ring, as these boys go flying into one another, pounding chests, digging elbows into abs, twisting fingers backward, and wrenching arms nearly out of socket.

Taller Anderson is sleepered, his nipple ring glinting in the light as he’s thrown face first onto the floor. Smaller Sutton is no slouch, as he successfully executes one aggressive hold after another, even tossing his opponent against the turnbuckles, and punching him in the guts repeatedly. “Come on, fucking pansy!” Sutton barks as he maneuvers Anderson into a camel and wrenches his neck backward with sadistic pleasure.

“You give up?” Sutton demands.
“No!” roars Anderson.
“You will…” laughs Sutton.

It’s an enthralling, arousing pro pounding between two aggressive 90’s studs!

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