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CAST: Trenton Comeaux,


RELEASE DATE: 11/10/2009

We went "ga-ga" when we first meant Trenton Comeaux, as many of you have over the years. There have been a number of wrestlers who would have made good Muscle Showcase choices, but for one reason or another never ended up in front of the camera. As we turned on to Trenton, we decided to let Comeaux become the subject of a Can Am Muscle Showcase Production. When the term "Hunk" comes to mind, Trenton Comeaux may be your image. Muscular legs, big shapely hard butt, and a wonderful cutup torso. Short haircut atop a handsome face. A coverboy for Rob of Amsterdam leather goods. A hot Zeus model, and a Can-Am Wrestler are some of his "entertainment" accomplishments.
Here we feature a very "intimate" look at Trenton from many angles and in several scenes wearing different clothes. You`ll see Trenton dancing in black leather, exercising in a tight Tee and stretch shorts, modeling in tight 501`s, a jock, and shorts. A brief visit from a pair of "Magic Hands" - not down and dirty but very gentlemanly on Comeaux`s gorgeous backside. Comeaux oils down and does a steamy J/O scene. You`ll be amazed at the size of Trenton`s hard dick. A shower, an interview. There is even a brief scene of Trenton dancing against a kaleidoscope of some of the most colorful graffiti in downtown Los Angeles you`ve ever seen. If Trenton seems a bit nervous you can understand that this is the "heart" of gang territory. Sort of brave they were in making this scene. Makes for quite a display on video. A very complete and hot look at one of the sexiest bods in Can-Am Land. Cum - Spend a few minutes with Trenton Comeaux as you invite him "home" through the magic of video.

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