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CAST: Jay Cloud, Kris Jamieson, Lance Luciano, Topher Dimaggio

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton, Chris Steele

RELEASE DATE: 4/1/2014

Four clean-cut heroes cautiously enter a space of myriad beams and scaffoldings. They seek justice. They find torment, terror, and titillation.

A flash of hypnotic light seems to paralyze the titans... a peculiar fog enfolds them... and soon they find themselves suspended from the ceiling. Gagged. Bound. Thrashing. We are treated to long held, slow moving, sumptuous shots of each man struggling against his bonds. This is our time to appreciate the skin-tight lycra attire, so effectively worn by each piece of muscular man meat. Impressive back muscles, chests, thighs, and of course cocks are on constant display within the revealing confines of the stunning super hero raiment.

Lightning (Topher DiMaggio), a hero for the ages, strains, his beautifully defined biceps on exquisite display above his head. His powerful chest heaving through deep blue lycra trimmed with silver. Suddenly, he is free! But he doesn`t move to untie his comrades. Instead he circles their helpless, struggling frames... the wolf stalking a herd of helpless sheep.

Lightning manhandles Lexis (Kris Jamieson) first, drawn in by the purple clad hero`s smooth, exposed chest and abdomen. But does Lightning want sex or submission? It`s a blurry line, as Lightning pinches, fondles, and strokes his helpless victim`s chest one moment, only to administer body punches the next. He is torn between lover and fighter, ungagging Lexis to force a passionate kiss upon him, all while Lexis struggles against the unwanted advances, his piercing, sea green eyes swimming with confusion and resistance. Lightning shoves his fingers into Lexis` mouth, licks his face, spanks his rock hard ass.

"What are you doing?" demands Lexis, unable to pull away when Lightning fondles his cock and balls right through the sleek, smooth fabric of his costume.

"Shut the hell up," Lightning answers, pounding his own lycra clad cock, now massively visable, against Lexis` tightly clenched ass.

Black-haired Kinky Swimmer (Lance Luciano) is next. Black books, Speedo, cuffs, mask, and an incredibly hot leather body harness is all the Swimmer wears, making him look most exposed and vulnerable when tied, arms above his head...dark, seductive armpit hair on full display.

Swimmer moans as Lightning removes his ball gag.

"I`ll tell you when to talk," barks Lightning, only an inch away from Swimmer`s flawless face. Lightning goes to town on Swimmer`s ass, falling to his knees and roughly biting down hard. No amount of begging will stop Lightning from squeezing, slapping, and exposing Swimmer`s fat, glossy cock. Never has a blow job been more dominating. With Swimmer tight and toned at 5`11" and 165 lbs, and Lightning at 5`9" and 180 lbs, these two men would be an even match for each other in a fair fight. But this is anything but fair.

At last it`s time for Golden Boy (Jay Cloud) to take his turn playing with lightening. Golden Boy stands tall at an impressive 6`4", with a long and lean frame garbed completely in body-revealing canary yellow, he moans in ecstasy and agony, like a man trapped in mid-orgasm.

Suddenly Lexis is free, blending lips and bodies with Lightning within seconds. Heroic brothers uniting... sighing in unison... mutual lip-locks... mutual ideas...

Soon Kinky Swimmer is flat on his back, taking it like a champ, despite his protests, in his flawlessly tight asshole. One super hero after another. One massive, sweaty, slick and throbbing monster cock after another. You`ll lose yourself in irresistibly long, pounding shots of slapping balls, bouncing cannons, tight, thrusting hips, and some of the longest, fattest cocks ever to come barreling out of a lycra suit and go plowing deep into a willing ass. With a heady mouthful of cock in his pretty mouth, and another mammoth meat beast constantly up his ass, Swimmer barely has time to cry out in rapture... but you will, as these four hard heroes are tricked into giving us everything we`ve ever desired.

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