Troubled Tights


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CAST: Brandon Irons ,Drake Davenport ,Jobe Zander (Brad Boyer) ,Michael Vineland ,Rusty Stevens ,Tyler Blue

DIRECTOR: Beau Bradley

RELEASE DATE: 2/16/2010

Are you a fan of Mind Control? Well, this Winter, Hard Heroes presents a new twist in mind and body control with the release of Troubled Tights. A SuperHero / SuperVillain muscle adventure!

A mysterious villain penetrates the lockerroom of our heroes headquarters to infect their superhero suits with a mind altering dust. Once our unsuspecting heroes are suited up and ready to take on fighting crime they are doomed. Unbeknownst to our heroes, donning their suits will enslave them to be puppets of The Villain. Unable to prevent The Villain from controlling their bodies, the Heroes get their asses kicked in a vicious street fight. Feeling victimized and humiliated, our heroes limp back to base where things go from bad to worse. Video controlled by The Villain, the Heroes are forced to capture, fight, and have sex with each other.

Non stop twisted action makes this another Hardheroes must see. Will our heroes discover who`s behind these games or are they trapped in their Troubled Tights? Note to fans of Jobe Zander aka Brad Boyer: witness his very first on screen jack-off plus... Rusty Stevens get overpowered forced fucked by Drake.

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