BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 2/24/2006

240 lb. Gauge is worshipped by cute blond twink, Jeremy Jordan. Gauge outweighs Jeremy by over 100 lbs, so it is easy for him to press Jeremy overhead like a barbell. And for good measure Gauge also bench presses Jeremy in addition to other exercises.

Gauge`s mammoth chest is appropriately worshipped, orally and digitally, by a very appreciative Jeremy who is very much into MUSCLE! He takes it all in, from Gauge`s huge bi`s and tri`s to his very muscled thighs and calves. Butt worship is high on Jeremy`s list as well. You can tell Jeremy is into what he`s doing because his cock stays hard along the way. Oral and a fuck scene follow.

To see the 240 lb Gauge worshipped by the little Jeremy is amazing. Of course Jeremy is in his own heaven. A worshipping shower scene closes this hot video production.

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