Uncut Hombres

Latin Heat Productions

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CAST: Max Schutler, Rod Daily, Alejandro Bravo, Andres Serpico, Bruno Bordas, Lucas Fabian, Nickolay Petrov, Luau, Arcanjo, Dominik Rider, Angel, Tobias, Yael Morrantes, Diego Arroyo

DIRECTOR: Chad Donovan, Paul Barresi

RELEASE DATE: 2/11/2009

2 1/2 hours featuring 15 hot Latin guys in 7 scenes! To say things sizzle south of the equator is to wildly underplay the steam that rises when two or even three insatiable uncut Latin guys decide to hook up. Some of the hottest caballeros and city slickers roaming throughout South America show you how to do it with wild passion that only they can provide. Superstar Max Schutler and Texan Rod Daily (himself wandering far south of the Lone Star state) lead a mouth-watering cast of hotties who—lucky enough for us--just never seem to cool off in the tropical heat.