Uncut Timber

Jet Set International

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CAST: Jan, Michal, Jiri, Lukas, Lubomir, Petr, Ivo, Rohn, Stefan, Lucas, Jaroslav, Robin, Tomas, Vladimir, Ladislav

DIRECTOR: Roman Czernik

RELEASE DATE: 6/30/2003

As you can imagine by its title, "Uncut Timber," Jet Set Productions' latest offering of European stud sex takes place in a sawmill, with wood aplenty--all young, springy, and full of sap! Director Roman Czernik scores major points in this fuck-fest, for two main reasons: one, he's paired off his men to maximize the on-screen chemistry, which translates to major eroticism when they finally get down and dirty with each other; and two, Czernik's using men here who really know how to give blowjobs--something a lot of porn models seem never to have learned!