BG Wrestling

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CAST: Damion Black, Jason Stephens, Sean Dirk


RELEASE DATE: 5/14/2008

A continuation and conclusion of the BG Wrestling story in Erotic Combat 1 involving Patrick Ryan. The Coach referred to in Erotic Combat 1 shows up and it is none other than Dino Phillips. Dino has an agenda and that is to put the make on Patrick. Dino starts off doing some legitimate coaching, but as the “meeting” progresses so does Dino’s agenda. His goal, which he accomplishes as only Dino can, is to make Patrick, erotically, into a helpless and hapless “boytoy”. This video is not so much about who wins or loses in wrestling but who ends up defeated sexually. By the time Dino is finished with Patrick, Patrick is only too happy to do anything Dino wants done. Patrick is a good wrestler who knows his moves, but when Dino puts the “move” on him he ends up being no better than "muscle mush”.

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