Webwonder Vs. Black Mamba


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CAST: Jimmy Clay, Michael Vineland

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 4/16/2012

Super Hero WebWonder (Jimmy Clay) should know better than to enter Black Mamba`s (Michael Vineland) secret underground snake pit alone. In the blackness Mamba watches his hapless victim explore his pit of no return. Black Mamba`s mission is to capture the source of Webwonder`s power.... "IT" being Webwonder`s shaft and balls. Secretly following WebWonder while squirting a stream of power numbing SpiderGel into his palm, Black Mamba from behind, swiftly reaches between WebWonder`s legs and suddenly clutch-grabs WebWonder`s "IT" dropping Wonder to his knees in excruciating pain. After stunning Wonder, deftly Momba chloroforms Wonder and laughs as the boy hero slips into unconsciousness. Fighting his way out of mental blackness, Wonder finds himself wrist suspended and bound up with his own web rope. Helpless. Struggling. Defiant. Wonder feels his strength ebbing as Mamba smears his entire body with his "secret concoction SpiderGel". Wonder faintly hears Mamba repeating "Your strength is gone. You`re mine. "IT" is mine." Mamba then rip strips Wonder out of his spider suit and manhandles the beautiful boy hero roughly. Huge mutual hardons. Forced cock sucking as Mamba slithers his huge one-eyed snake down Wonder`s virgin throat. Satisfied, Mamba takes the fight out of Wonder with a choke hold, and re-suspends the boy by his wrists again. Who better than beautifully muscled Can-Am exclusive Michael Vineland to be Black Mamba, and muscle boy Jimmy Clay as the perfect WebWonder super hero. The two hot bodies get into some slippery hards-on sex wrestling action in Boss Sexton`s latest Super Hero erotic bondage adventure. Welcome to the snake pit.

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