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CAST: Beau Bradley, Ron Masters, Chuck Morris, Danny Long,


RELEASE DATE: 9/6/2001

Four childhood friends go on a hiking and camping trip in the remote woods of the Pacific Northwest and get into a situation they never expected. Sound familiar? Well, the similarities end there as Can-Am presents this erotic wrestling fable courtesy of our Vancouver studio. It re-teams studio manager Beau Bradley and spunky Ron Masters. If you were drooling to see more of Ron in Hockey Havoc, this one shows every delicious inch in his video jack-off debut! Plus you get the debuts of our latest discoveries: troublemaker Chuck Morris, and hose-dicked Danny Long. These ego and testosterone laden studs are always trying to prove who is the toughest and the trouble starts early as they trace the railroad tracks deep into the woods. Setting up camp by a remote stream, the wrestling action takes a wet and muddy turn. The next morning Beau decides he`s had enough of the hijinks and one by one he subdues each of his friends, then stakes them out by the river banks to show them who`s boss. Helpless and vulnerable, the trio is now subject to the whims of the devilish Beau. Set against lush scenery, Wrestle By Me delivers four vascular studs in wild outdoor wrestling action with five hot jack-off scenes. Camping anyone?

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